Unnamed: Niche!
Unnamed: Don't go disappearing like that.
Unnamed: Lag, that is not Gauche.
Unnamed: Wait, did you meet Gauche?
Unnamed: That is not Gauche.
Unnamed: He's Noir.
Unnamed: N-Niche, what are you saying?
Unnamed: He said he was Noir himself!
Unnamed: What do you mean?
Unnamed: Gauche got his heart back.
Unnamed: He isn't Noir any...
Unnamed: Oh, it's you two.
Unnamed: Have you seen a girl around here?
Unnamed: She doesn't say much, and her \Nclothes are all tattered...
Unnamed: A girl?
Unnamed: Did something happen?
Unnamed: She said she used to be a dingo, \Nso I took her in, but...
Unnamed: Oh, my! What happened to you, Niche?
Unnamed: She didn't fight for real...
Unnamed: Niche, did Roda do that to you?
Unnamed: Was it Roda that took Gauche away?
Unnamed: Roda?
Unnamed: Roda is Noir's dingo!
Unnamed: He isn't Noir, okay?
Unnamed: What's with that carriage?
Unnamed: Truth and Lies
Unnamed: Noir... I mean, Gauche...
Unnamed: Call me what you wish.
Unnamed: But...
Unnamed: It is all right.
Unnamed: Even I do not know who I am, after all.
Unnamed: Doctor, should we just let him?
Unnamed: I would have you know that \Nthis is a medical facility.
Unnamed: Oh?
Unnamed: Did I just hear you talking \Nback to me, Corpse Doctor?
Unnamed: He ain't anywhere!
Unnamed: The person named Gauche disappeared!
Unnamed: How many times do we have to tell you?
Unnamed: We will be confiscating Gauche \NSuede's medical records.
Unnamed: Do you really think that \NSuede's heart has returned?
Unnamed: There are many people who \Nbelieve that to be true.
Unnamed: Move aside.
Unnamed: Master Largo is currently out.
Unnamed: We are arresting Gauche Suede in the \Nname of the Amberground Government!
Unnamed: Where are you hiding him?
Unnamed: Aria?
Unnamed: Niche! Not people!
Unnamed: Aria...-san?
Unnamed: You will pay, beard-brain!
Unnamed: Aria-san, are you okay?
Unnamed: Yes...
Unnamed: You should have already been informed that \Nanything concerning Reverse is our jurisdiction.
Unnamed: Gauche Suede is no different; we will \Ncapture him and interrogate him.
Unnamed: Gauche is gone!
Unnamed: We're searching for him too!
Unnamed: It's the truth!
Unnamed: If I recall, Suede has a sister.
Unnamed: Sylvette doesn't know anything!
Unnamed: Lag, what if Gauche didn't \Nreally get back his heart...
Unnamed: I will deliver this Gymnopédie to Gauche.
Unnamed: Sylvette doesn't know anything!
Unnamed: And yet they're gonna question her...
Unnamed: Lag, this way's a shortcut.
Unnamed: Sylvette Suede, are you in there?
Unnamed: I know you're in there!
Unnamed: You're there, I know it!
Unnamed: W-What?
Unnamed: I-It's me, Sylvette!
Unnamed: Why did you come in from there?
Unnamed: Sorry, I'll explain later.
Unnamed: Now, take off your clothes!
Unnamed: No, not like that!
Unnamed: Open up!
Unnamed: Those people...
Unnamed: There's no telling what they will do to \Nforce you to tell them where Gauche is.
Unnamed: Anyway, I'll buy you some time...
Unnamed: Your clothes!
Unnamed: Sylvette Suede, yes?
Unnamed: W-What'll I do...
Unnamed: I just hope I can pass as \Nher body double, but...
Unnamed: We've got our bait.
Unnamed: Oops. We'll be needing this.
Unnamed: Lag...
Unnamed: You got some of the usual in?
Unnamed: Be careful how you use these...
Unnamed: You might get burnt.
Unnamed: Noir isn't the only Marauder in Reverse?!
Unnamed: We'll let you see Gauche Suede real soon.
Unnamed: They know where Gauche is?
Unnamed: But then, why would they \Nbring Sylvette with them?
Unnamed: Lawrence...
Unnamed: Is anyone here?
Unnamed: A mirror?
Unnamed: This was Lawrence's room.
Unnamed: One day I, and Lawrence, will surely...
Unnamed: As I figured, you're here.
Unnamed: Noir... Or should I say, Gauche Suede!
Unnamed: Don't move!
Unnamed: Don't worry, you'll be together from now on.
Unnamed: After we kill you, we'll send your \Nlittle sister along to join you.
Unnamed: Kill?
Unnamed: They didn't bring me to interrogate him?
Unnamed: Is that Lawrence's orders?
Unnamed: He says he doesn't need a defective Marauder.
Unnamed: We're the only Marauders that Reverse needs!
Unnamed: R-Reverse?!
Unnamed: Lag Seeing?
Unnamed: I see...
Unnamed: Garrard took Lag.
Unnamed: I apologize for not stopping \Nthem while you were out, Master.
Unnamed: Lag is in trouble.
Unnamed: Why? Those two are quite violent, \Nbut they're from Akatsuki, right?
Unnamed: They are Reverse Marauders who have \Ninfiltrated the Amberground government.
Unnamed: Impossible... They couldn't have...
Unnamed: I should have considered that possibility.
Unnamed: The repeated incidents of stolen letters...
Unnamed: The way those happened meant that far too \Nmuch information had been leaking to Reverse.
Unnamed: But I never would have thought it was them...
Unnamed: Then the reason they're \Nsearching for Gauche is...
Unnamed: To bring him back by force, or perhaps...
Unnamed: Anyway, Lag is in serious trouble.
Unnamed: He arrived faster than I thought.
Unnamed: Impressive, as always.
Unnamed: Jiggy Pepper.
Unnamed: Faster than you thought? Who do \Nyou think you're speaking about?
Unnamed: Oh, ears of the devil you got, buddy.
Unnamed: I have a letter I need express delivered.
Unnamed: What's the address?
Unnamed: To Lag Seeing.
Unnamed: You disappoint me, Lag Seeing!
Unnamed: The fact that you saw through our \Ntrue identities as Reverse Marauders
Unnamed: and went so far as to put on this deception in \Norder to expose it to the world is commendable!
Unnamed: Uh, but I was just worried \Nabout Sylvette, so...
Unnamed: But dressing yourself up so cutesy...
Unnamed: I've completely lost any respect for you!
Unnamed: You're the disappointment!
Unnamed: I have no use for you.
Unnamed: Niche!
Unnamed: The child of Maka?
Unnamed: Gauche!
Unnamed: Let's go back to where Sylvette is!
Unnamed: Gauche?
Unnamed: Girly! You wanna fight me, right?
Unnamed: Well, come and get me!
Unnamed: Beard-brain!
Unnamed: Niche!
Unnamed: This cage was made from a gaichuu.
Unnamed: Even the child of Maka cannot \Ncut through it, I see.
Unnamed: Gauche?
Unnamed: I will return to Reverse.
Unnamed: I am Noir.
Unnamed: What are you up to, Suede?
Unnamed: I don't believe you.
Unnamed: You have gotten your heart back.
Unnamed: I was merely playing the role of Gauche Suede
Unnamed: that was in the memories of \NLag Seeing's letter bullet.
Unnamed: No way...
Unnamed: It allowed me to benefit \Nfrom everyone's kindness,
Unnamed: and avoid seeing the tears \Nthe truth would bring.
Unnamed: That's a lie!
Unnamed: It's not true, Gauche!
Unnamed: You remembered everything, right?
Unnamed: About Sylvette and Aria-san too!
Unnamed: About the journey the two of us had...
Unnamed: It was all from your memories, Lag Seeing.
Unnamed: I recreated the Gauche inside of you.
Unnamed: You said it when you ate Sylvette's soup!
Unnamed: How many years has it been since \Nmy heart has felt this warmth?
Unnamed: All I did was act the way that the \NGauche in your heart would have acted.
Unnamed: I had to. No one could \Nstand such disgusting soup.
Unnamed: Lag!
Unnamed: Caribs Garrard.
Unnamed: If I get rid of the Letter Bee here, will \Nthat be proof enough to you that I am Noir?
Unnamed: Hand me a weapon.
Unnamed: Not a shindanjuu.
Unnamed: A weapon that will actually kill.
Unnamed: That will do.
Unnamed: Why?
Unnamed: Why, Gauche?
Unnamed: You were supposed to get your heart back...
Unnamed: A heart, once lost, can \Nnever be returned, Lag.
Unnamed: Or rather, I do not need a heart.
Unnamed: You must learn that there is something \Nmore important than heart.
Unnamed: I shot into you everything \NI had inside of my heart...
Unnamed: And now you're saying it was \Nall for nothing, Gauche?!
Unnamed: Exactly.
Unnamed: Heart is powerless.
Unnamed: I have stolen the Letter Bee's life.
Unnamed: Hazle...
Unnamed: Did that second-rate dingo \Nkick the bucket too?
Unnamed: We do some heartless things...
Unnamed: Shindan, Lapis Lazuli?
Unnamed: Jiggy Pepper?
Unnamed: Help has arrived, it seems.
Unnamed: We must hurry to where Lawrence is.
Unnamed: Gauche Suede...
Unnamed: I'm a first-rate dingo!
Unnamed: Niche...
Unnamed: Jiggy-san, why are you here?
Unnamed: The Master entrusted me with a delivery...
Unnamed: ...addressed to Lag Seeing...
Unnamed: You still wish to be called Noir?
Unnamed: I told you to call me what you will.
Unnamed: I believed in the letter bullet.
Unnamed: That if I shot my feelings into Gauche, \Nhis heart would surely return to him.
Unnamed: But it was powerless...
Unnamed: Gauche... I mean, Noir said so.
Unnamed: He said there was something \Nmore important than heart.
Unnamed: Gauche would have never \Nsaid something like that.
Unnamed: He's...
Unnamed: Gauche wasn't using a shindanjuu, was he?
Unnamed: No.
Unnamed: Wasn't that because he didn't \Nwant to show you his true heart?
Unnamed: But he tried to kill me!
Unnamed: He really did.
Unnamed: We're almost to Yuusari Central.
Unnamed: Oh, yeah...
Unnamed: The letter from the Master?
Unnamed: Me.
Unnamed: "Use Harry to find where you are located,
Unnamed: and chase after you to save you."
Unnamed: That's what I was asked to do.
Unnamed: The hearts of the people who wished to see \Nyour safe return was packed into me, a letter.
Unnamed: And I was sent to you.
Unnamed: Right!
Unnamed: So do you still think that heart \Nand letters have no power?
Unnamed: Next: The Lost Shindan